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The site has been optimized for the downstate counties of New York State. Tax structures render variations in other counties and states.

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FOR STATES OTHER THAN NEW YORK (NY)      ******   Adjustments may be made by the user, for example:   Adding to the Seller's Concession amounts that in New York are shown to be paid by the Buyer but in your State are actually paid by the Seller. In that case you should change the Buyer's cost for such items to zero. The same can be done in New York, and especially may be needed outside of the five counties or boroughs of New York City.


Estimates of Local, County, State or other municipal taxes, fees or charges may not be available through this application for states outside of New York.  You should insert them where applicable as "Other" charges.


The Scenarios created by your data collection and entry represent  ESTIMATES only.  Your law professional or other settlement agent will provide actual closing figures.

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