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Realtor Pro Tools
Helps YOU manage YOUR deal easily.
Close the deal efficiently.
The complete BENEFITS & Features are shown below.
Setup Your Productivity Forms
1.  Start with your own client - Buyer or Seller.
2.  Enter your own unique File Number.
3.  Select whether Short Sale, or No.
4.  Enter # of Buyers and # of Sellers.
5.  Enter number of Existing Mortgages.
6.  Enter property Zip Code.
Property Information
1. Property Address - Look-up for Block & Lot (NYC)
2. Type of property - No. of Units.
3. Certificate of Occupancy?
4. Asking Price.
5. Termite Inspection & Treatment.
6. Taxes, Rents & Security.
7.  Existing Mortgages and Liens.
Sellers' Information
1. Information for up to Four (4) Sellers.
2. Sellers' Attorneys information - up to Four(4).
3. Listing Agent's information.
Buyer's Information
1. Information for up to Four(4) Buyers.
2. Buyers' Attorneys information - up to Four(4).
3. Selling Agent's information.
About The Offer
1. Contract Price.
2. Sellers' concession (if any).
3. Cash downpayment.
4. Gift of equity (if any).
5. Number of new mortgages - up to Four (4)
    (or ALL CASH deal)
6. Terms and costs of Buyers' new mortgages.
7. Mortgage Processors' contact information
8. Additional bank charges for each mortgage
About The Closing
1. Property Insurance costs.
2. Bank escrow estimates.
3. Estimates of title company charges.
4. Title company contact information.
Deal Data Sheet
1. Summarizes your deal data.
2. Fax it or EMail it to others on your Deal TEAM.
3. Personalize it using the Header on the Tools Menu.
Estimated Closing Figures
1. Sellers' estimated bottom line.
2. Contains Short Sale calculator.
3. Buyers' estimated expenses & closing costs.
4. Buyers' estimated balance due at closing.
5. Buyers' estimated monthly payments & escrows.
6. Miscellaneous Notes and title review Notes.

Real Estate Professional
    If You Are A Realtor or Other Real Estate Professional,   Use RealtorProTools.com as a Great Tool in Structuring Your Deals Toward Successful Outcomes.
    Build Your Deal From Start to Finish -  Get More Analysis At Your Fingertips In Less Time -  A Predictable Outcome Builds Confidence,  Get Buyer/Seller Satisfaction and Take The Mystery Out - Consistency Sells.
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Benefits & Features:

  • -- Get Simplified and Uncomplicated Deal Analysis.
  • -- Step by step gathering of Data needed for each prospective Deal.  
  • -- Estimated Closing Costs are calculated for the Buyer.
  • -- Monthly Payments & Escrows are calculated for Buyer.
  • -- Expenses & Net Proceeds are calculated for the Seller. 
  • -- It Generates a Deal Data Sheet you can give to Buyers' and Sellers' Lawyers.
  • -- Use it to Track your Deals from Listing to Closing.
  • -- Use it to keep a private spreadsheet record of all your deals. 
  • -- After closing, compare actual closing figures with your analysis. 
  • -- Get an Embedded Short-Sale Calculator. 
  • -- Get Embedded Block & Lot & Property Tax Look-Ups for some counties.
  • -- CONFIDENTIALITY - Your Deal For Your Eyes Only - No one else is seeing or will
        see your deals or the information you enter in Realtor Pro Tools, unless
    you send it out
        by print, fax, EMail or otherwise.
  • -- CLEAN UP your real estate DESKTOP - Record Keeping a cinch!
  • -- Use the convenient Scheduling PAD to avoid missing key dates in the process and to help
        move the deal along.


Past Deals:  By entering data for past deals (closed or not closed) you are able to use them as reference points for planning upcoming deals, and to keep a spreadsheet record of your deals.


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The site has been optimized for the downstate counties of New York State. Tax structures render variations in other counties and states.

Company Info

FOR STATES OTHER THAN NEW YORK (NY)      ******   Adjustments may be made by the user, for example:   Adding to the Seller's Concession amounts that in New York are shown to be paid by the Buyer but in your State are actually paid by the Seller. In that case you should change the Buyer's cost for such items to zero. The same can be done in New York, and especially may be needed outside of the five counties or boroughs of New York City.


Estimates of Local, County, State or other municipal taxes, fees or charges may not be available through this application for states outside of New York.  You should insert them where applicable as "Other" charges.


The Scenarios created by your data collection and entry represent  ESTIMATES only.  Your law professional or other settlement agent will provide actual closing figures.

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